Why we should practice yoga

We are lucky to catch up and discuss all the benefits of yoga with the amazing Cordelia! Cordelia! share her top tips on why we should practice...

07.08.2022 1 minute read

Is Huel or Whole Supp better?

This time around we’re going to do the same with Huel’s V3.0 powder. Of course, as always the final verdict will be left up to...

01.08.2022 4 minute read

Balance Festival 2022

Whole Supp at Balance Festival  Our first-ever live event and it was amazing…. Balance Festival didn’t let us down.  The Team Whole Supp...

05.07.2022 1 minute read

Whole Supp compared to yfood

Whole Supp compared yfood  Whole Supp and yfood are two brands which aim to provide a nutritious meal replacement which is affordable and has a...

31.05.2022 2 minute read

The Super-Green Powers of Spinach

  A key ingredient in our Smart Food formulation is the “super green” spinach. Spinach is not only...

17.05.2022 2 minute read

The Magic of Montmorency Cherries

One of the key ingredients in our Smart Food formulation is Montmorency Cherry (or Tart Cherry) Extract. These sour cherries...

15.04.2022 2 minute read
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