Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in total transparency from a product ingredients and nutrition as well as consumer ordering our products. See our FAQ's below and select the section relevant to your question.

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Our Products

What is the taste / texture like?
It has more calories than a protein shake, why is that?
Is this actually as healthy as a whole meal?
What is Whole Supp?
Is it suitable for all diets?
What makes Whole Supp different from other meal shakes?
Is Whole Supp a weight loss product?
Are Whole Supp ingredients and products sustainable?
What are sustainable ingredients?
How Many Meals / Servings Per Bag?
Does Whole Supp Contain Caffeine?
New to Whole Supp?
How long will I feel full after Whole Supp?
Where and how to order Whole Supp?
Is Whole Supp’s pouch compostable?
Is Whole Supp’s delivery box and pouch recyclable?
What is the shelf life of Whole Supp?
Where should I store Whole Supp?
Whole Supp’s chefs’ tips on how to mix
Can Whole Supp be used if I’m pregnant/breastfeeding?
Have any questions for Whole Supp

The Science

What are the ingredients in Whole Supp?
What Omega profiles 3+6+9 profile is in Whole Supp?
How many calories are in each serving?
Are Whole Supp’s vitamins and minerals vegan?
Are Whole Supp’s vitamins and minerals absorbed into the body?
Why sucralose?
Is the vegan protein Whole Supp uses have a complete branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs)?
What is the Glycemic Index (GI) of Whole Supp?
Is Whole Supp low FODMAP?
Can Whole Supp help gain or lose weight?
Are liquid diets bad for you?
Can diabetics use Whole Supp?
Can children use Whole Supp?
Is Whole Supp suitable for IBS?
How much fiber is in Whole Supp?
Are you Informed Sport approved?
What is MCT oil?
What are superfoods?
How much protein is in Whole Supp?
Where do the ingredients come from?
How many servings a day should I have?
Why is the vanilla pink in colour?
Is Whole Supp stocked in any shops?
Will Whole Supp help performance?
Why is Whole Supp called whole supp
Will Whole Supp help recovery if I exercise?
What’s the story behind?

Delivery & Returns

Who will delivery my order?
When will I receive my order?
Who will deliver my order?
Can I return my order?
Where do WholeSupp deliver?
I've not received my products.
Can I update my shipping address on my order?
How long will my order take to arrive?
When will my card by charged?
I've received the wrong items
My order is missing items
My card was declined

Your Account

Are accounts mandatory?
Can I use two promo codes simultaneously?
How do I create an account?
I've forgotten my password
How do I add/change an address?


How often can a subscription be delivered?
How does your subscription work?
What are the benefits of subscription?
Can I edit the frequency of my subscription?
Can I edit my postal address for my subscription?