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Is Huel or Whole Supp better?

Is Huel or Whole Supp better?

This time around we’re going to do the same with Huel’s V3.0 powder. Of course, as always the final verdict will be left up to you - but, we at Whole Supp think we can guide you towards the right choice.

Is Huel or Whole Supp better?

Meal replacement shakes continue to be a popular solution for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go. No matter how much time you have available, a nutrient-filled meal is always possible.

Huel was one of the first brands to popularise this product, and they have been successful in bringing it to the masses. 

However, Huel may not be the perfect solution for everyone, and there are alternative meal shakes available.

Whole Supp, a brand founded in Ireland by an ex-professional athlete, is one such alternative that has gained a reputation among athletes and people with active lifestyles. It is even trusted by many high-performing athletes like Sam​ Warburton - British and Irish Lions Caption and Kate Jayden - GB Tri Athlete.

Here's why Whole Supp meal shakes might be a better fit for you.

1. Better ingredients for more energy and faster recovery

When you take a look at the small print on the back of Huel, you might be surprised to find such a long list of terms you can’t pronounce. 

The original Huel v3.0 consists of:

Pea Protein, Ground Flaxseed, Brown Rice Protein, Tapioca Starch, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Sunflower Oil Powder, Micronutrient Blend*, Medium-Chain Triglyceride Powder (from Coconut), Stabiliser: Xanthan Gum, Natural Malt Flavouring, Acerola Cherry Powder, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin, Kombucha Tea Powder, Sweetener: Sucralose, Bacillus Coagulans.

Pretty long list, right?

In contrast, here’s what you’ll find in Whole Supp:

Sustainably sourced red sea Algae, Organic Cherries, Broccoli, Beetroot Juice, Spinach, Pea Portion, Rice Portion, Gluten-Free Ground Oats, Sunflower, flaxseed, coconut, MTC Oils, 100% Vanilla Bean or Cacao Powder, Sucralose.

When comparing the ingredients of Whole Supp and Huel, you’ll notice a lot of differences. Although there are a great mix of protein powder sources in Huel, it lacks the powerful superfoods we’ve included like red sea algae, broccoli, beetroot, and spinach.

Not only are these foods packed with the natural nutrients your body needs, they are also filled with antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress, which helps with recovery as a result.  

There are also quite a few stabilisers in Huel which have been proven to lead to irritated stomachs. You won’t find those in Whole Supp powder.

You'll notice that we also use ground oats which are known for slow-release energy, ensuring you feel fuller and energetic for longer.

2. Better taste and texture

Customers often reach out to tell us how much they love the taste and texture of Whole Supp when they couldn't stomach other meal shakes. Here is what some Whole Supp users have said:

"Really like this. A regular for my morning smoothie. Water, ice cubes and blend it up and it tastes fantastic and reassuring knowing you’re getting so much goodness at the same time. Also, no negative GI side effects - brilliant!" - Sam Warburton (British and Irish Lions Caption), Verified Customer

"Busy lifestyle and being a mum means I am trying to fit chores in the morning. I love it as super easy to make for breakfast and give me energy for the morning. It tastes really nice and I like the texture (I have it with water). My favourite is mixing it - 1 scoop Vanilla + 1 scoop Chocolate, yummy!" - Sabrina, Ireland, Verified Customer

“This is hands down the best shake out there. I’ve tried multiple brands in the past, but nothing compares to Whole Supp. Both chocolate and vanilla tastes as amazing as each other and leaves me feeling energised for hours. Top class product and would recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their nutrition." - Adam Colman, Verified Customer 

Why does Whole Supp have a better taste and texture? 

  • No tapioca starch, which is quite grainy in texture
  • High-quality natural vanilla beans and 100% Cacao are used to flavour it, ensuring that it doesn’t have an artificial flavour
  • Minimum sugar levels in Whole Supp leading to a more natural and less sweet taste; one serving of Whole Supp contains only 1.8g sugars (Huel Black, the high-protein powder variant has 4.4g - 4.6g for its flavoured products)

And we know that you don’t buy a meal replacement shake solely for the taste, but it’s vital in creating a habit. We want your shake to be something you look forward to, a treat to be enjoyed. Otherwise, you’ll end up with another product you don’t use, and you’ll simply opt for that easy meal deal when you’re in a rush. 

Healthy has never tasted this good.

 Whole Supp 3. Easier on your gut and digestion

You want to be able to have your meal shake before or after your workout without your stomach reacting poorly. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with other meal shakes. Customers have informed us that Whole Supp is the first meal shake they can take that makes their stomach feel better, not worse.

All Whole Supp products are gluten-free, which isn’t always the case with Huel and other meal replacement shakes.

Additionally, the ingredients include superfoods like broccoli and red sea algae, both of which support good gut health. The powerful antioxidants and prebiotics in Whole Supp make it easy to digest.  

Whole Supp is an excellent meal shake alternative to Huel for athletes and people with active lifestyles looking for more energy, faster recovery, and a better-tasting product that is easy on the gut.

Why should you choose Whole Supp over other meal replacement shakes?

Check out this direct comparison of Whole Supp and Huel V3.0, so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Per serving

Whole Supp powder (Vanilla)

Huel V3.0 powder (Vanilla)







Gluten Free

Yes - As standard

No - Additional cost







Contains Soy




90% recycled materials, plastic free (home compostable)

Not recyclable or compostable (made from foil & plastic)


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Aug 01, 2022• Posted by Darren O’Reilly

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