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Whole Supp has 90% less sugar than SlimFast

Whole Supp vs. SlimFast Comparison

Whole Supp vs. SlimFast Comparison

SlimFast is one of the original meal replacements primarily suggested as a tool for weight loss when the focus was mostly on calories in, over quality or macro nutrient profiles. 

Whilst we believe meal shakes can help support a healthy weight providing complete nutrition whilst controlling intake of energy, we wanted to shed some light on the nutritional content of Slimfast to ensure you are making a healthy choice. 

The SlimFast Diet

The SlimFast diet plan involves eating two meal-replacement shakes or bars, three healthy snacks and one self-prepared, 500-calorie meal for a total of about 1,200 calories daily.

The idea being, that this leads to a calorie deficit to support weight loss.

How to use Whole Supp to support healthy weight loss

We don't advertise Whole Supp as a weight loss product simply because we believe in a food first approach to healthy eating. We believe such a strong calorie deficit is not sustainable and also not healthy so don't see taking Whole Supp as a diet.

Instead you can use Whole Supp to replace one or two meals so you can have a quick nutritious meal (Whole Supp was founded in Ireland and is made of whole foods based on scientific research).

That combined with a healthy lifestyle (being active, good hydration, healthy eating and enough sleep) should help you lose weight in a more natural and sustainable way.

So let’s dive into it and compare the two from a nutritional standpoint so you can ensure you’re grabbing a healthy meal shake.

As for the ingredients list, let’s dive into it and compare the two from a nutritional standpoint.

Nutritional information of SlimFast and Whole Supp

Here is a summary of the key nutritional aspects.

Per Serving 

Whole Supp








Gluten Free:

Yes - Standard   











Contains Soy:   




90% recycled,


Plastic free


1. Better ingredients for more energy and faster recovery

When you take a look at the small print on the back of SlimFast, you might be surprised to find such a long list of terms you can’t pronounce. 

The SlimFast Original Shake consists of:

Sugar, sunflower creamer (sunflower oil, buttermilk, disodium phosphate, natural flavor, silicon dioxide), alkalized cocoa powder, maltodextrin, cellulose gel, milk protein concentrate, xanthan gum, artificial flavor, lecithin, salt , acesulfame potassium, aspartame. Contains milk and soy.

Pretty long list, right?

In contrast, here’s what you’ll find in Whole Supp:

Sustainably sourced red sea Algae, Organic Cherries, Broccoli, Beetroot Juice, Spinach, Pea Portion, Rice Portion, Gluten-Free Ground Oats, Sunflower, flaxseed, coconut, MTC Oils, 100% Vanilla Bean or Cacao Powder, Sucralose.

When comparing the ingredients of Whole Supp and Slimfast, you’ll notice a lot of differences. Whole Supp focuses on whole food sources whereas the majority of SlimFasts ingredients are ultra processed, and high sugar.

2. Customers love the taste and texture

Our community often reaches out to tell us how much they love the texture and taste of Whole Supp when they struggle to stomach other meal shakes.

Here is what some Whole Supp users have said:

Just started taking the vanilla flavored shake everyday and it tastes amazing! The shake is  very smooth and a lot nicer than the other shakes I have taken before. I feel like I have more energy using Whole Supp shakes. Bailey Wilson - Hyrox Athlete - Verified Customer

At the recommendation of a friend, I decided to try Whole Supp and I am extremely happy with this company! Not only do they have a quality protein product but it doesn’t cause bloat or discomfort. I usually get sick of a protein powder very quickly and end up wasting my money because I can’t stomach the smell of it anymore but I’m happy to report that Whole Supp is a cut above the rest and I’ve only positive things to say! Also- LOVE that they included a shaker bottle with the initial order. 10/10 would recommend! 🙏🏼 Ariel - Verified Customer

"Really like this. A regular for my morning smoothie. Water, ice cubes and blend it up and it tastes fantastic and reassuring knowing you’re getting so much goodness at the same time. Also, no negative GI side effects - brilliant!" - Sam Warburton (British and Irish Lions Caption), Verified Customer

Why does Whole Supp have a better taste and texture? 

  • Because Whole Supp contains a whopping 91% less sugar than SlimFast 
  • Whole Supp is formulated with 13 superfoods 
  • High-quality natural vanilla beans and 100% Cacao are used to flavor it, ensuring that it doesn’t have an artificial flavor
  • Minimum sucralose is used; it is Whole Supp lowest listed ingredient 
  • Whole Supp does not use maltodextrin, cellulose gel, xanthan gum, artificial flavor, lecithin, acesulfame potassium, aspartame. All of which impact taste and mouthfeel (texture).

One of our key goals when formulating Whole Supp was to ensure we had a great tasting product. We want your shake to be something you look forward to, a treat to be enjoyed. Otherwise, you’ll end up with another product you don’t use, and you’ll simply opt for that easy meal deal when you’re in a rush. 

Healthy has never tasted this good.

3. Higher protein to support your active lifestyle and recovery

Whole Supp powder has 35% more protein content than SlimFast per serving (31g vs. 23g). Higher protein supports individuals looking to increase their protein intake and maintain muscle mass.

4. Powerful superfoods for better nutrition and energy

Both products contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals, but Whole Supp has the added bonus of super greens broccoli and spinach & super reds beetroot and organic cherries. 

These superfoods provide additional nutrients and antioxidants to boost your energy. SlimFast's formula is missing any whole food ingredients.

5. Low sugar for maintain a healthy weight

It's worth noting that the sugar content is another area where Whole Supp and SlimFast differ significantly.

Whole Supp's vanilla powder contains only 1.8g of sugar per serving, whereas SlimFast's vanilla powder has 18g of sugar per serving.

Whole Supp has 90% less sugar than SlimFast per serving. This is especially crucial for individuals who are watching their sugar intake or trying to maintain a healthy weight.

Additionally, it's important to note that Whole Supp's sweetness derives from natural sources like vanilla, sucralose, and cacao powder  whereas SlimFast contains a significant amount of added sugar, maltodextrin, and fructose.

6. Allergen free

Whole Supp is an allergen free product! So, no gluten, soy, dairy or added sugar.This is a massive benefit for individuals with gluten or soy allergies or intolerances.

SlimFast, on the other hand, contains soy, and is not gluten-free as standard. 

7 More environmentally friendly

SlimFast's packaging is recyclable, which is a step towards sustainability, but it may not be as eco-friendly as Whole Supp's home compostable packaging and 100% recyclable and home compostable. 

To conclude, We aimed to help consumers gather more transparent information about the brands in the market. Whole Supp was objectively better against SlimFast from various points of view:

  • Higher protein
  • Lower sugar
  • Lower and healthier fats
  • Contains powerful superfoods
  • Better sustainability

As mentioned, we don't advertise Whole Supp as a “weight loss” product simply because we believe in a food first approach to healthy eating. But if weight loss is the goal, Whole Supp can be used as a controlled way to watch your calorie intake, whilst getting valuable, quality nutrition. 

In the end the final decision on which product to choose will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

Curious to try Whole Supp? Get the Starter Pack at 40% Off: Includes a Choclate or Vanilla Bag (15 portions), a Shaker and Free Shipping!

Apr 28, 2023• Posted by Darren O’Reilly

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