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Travel Starter Pack

Enjoy our convenient Multi-Travel Pack - the original, delicious flavours of our Nourishing Superfood Shake - in these single-serve sachets. Each sachet contains 13 superfoods & 31g protein. As well as a 700ml eco-friendly shaker meaning you are ready to enjoy Whole Supp on the go.

Perfect for active lifestyles, whether you are hiking, at the gym, or simply needing a quick and healthy snack.

Each travel starter pack contains 2x chocolate, 2x vanilla, 2x caramel sea salt sachets, a shaker and free shipping! Meaning you save over 20% with the combined offer.


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Multi-Travel Pack

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Designed for athletes & active lifestyles

“I love the flexibility Whole Supp gives me. I am often very busy midweek with work and fitting a workout in and also being able to eat after is very tricky, Whole Supp plugs that gap for me”

John O’Hanrahan Office worker

"I take Whole Supp everyday - it's amazing as I used to skip breakfast all the time. It's so baddy, ready in seconds and I can take it on the way to work with me 🤙🏻"

Des Lawlor Field worker

“Whole Supp is a tasty and healthy option when I dont have time to make breakfast or straight after the gym!”

Darragh Daly Office worker

"Loving the flavours, high quality in taste and the packaging🔥! Would highly recommend to anyone 👌"

Jamie O’Donoghue Recruitment

"I use Whole Supp’s Smart Food once a day, either for breakfast or lunch. My body feels great and so full of energy! I'm not hungry for serveral hours afterwards. Thank you team Whole Supp"

Robbie Lawlor Engineer

I love that I get everything I need in one quick and taste shake – It keep me full for hours too

Rachel Singer & Fitness professional

"So far zero complaints - quick delivery, cool box, compostable packaging and really good taste. V impressed😍😍😍"

Freya Bielenberg Event manager

"I've been using Whole Supp for the last two months as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch, it's amazing!! I feel so good and can't imagine not having as part of my lifestyle"

Nick Ward Office worker

I never had breakfast and always hit 3pm slump in the off. Then I tried Whole Supp - It is a game changer, plant based, tasty, high in protein and made from whole foods. I’m hooked

Jack Office worker

‘Whole Supp is great for when you’re low on time but want something nutritious to fuel the day’

Mike Ward Office worker

Whole Supp is great as it has the perfect macros for me – easy to make, and taste as

Shawn Lyle Model and Footballer

Whole Supp is so convenient and filling when in the office and short on time for post-gym brekki

Philippa Crane Nurse

When I am having long hours in the hospital and have very little time to take for my lunch or dinner, Whole Supp is perfect. taste great and is packed for of superfoods

Maria Trainee Doctor

Incredible product that helps me get meals in on the go our after late night run. I love that the packaging is plastic free and home compostable. It also taste great.

Kate Jayden GB Tri Athlete and Whole Supp ambassador

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