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Whole Supp compared to yfood

Whole Supp compared to yfood

Whole Supp compared to yfood

Whole Supp and yfood are two brands which aim to provide a nutritious meal replacement which are affordable and has a low impact on our environment. Of course, we at Whole Supp are a little biased, so we will just leave the facts here and let you decide!


We have taken a look at the nutrition provided by both Whole Supp and yfood & summarised it in the table below for you to draw your own conclusions on which product provides you with the most nutritional benefit. We haven’t compared subjective factors such as taste or texture, as they are personal to you.



Whole Supp contains a whopping 88.75% less sugar than yfood. This difference in sugar content allows Whole Supp to have a much slower release of energy as the main source of carbohydrate comes from whole oats.


The protein content of Whole Supp also trumps the content of protein in the same calorie value of yfood, making each meal of Whole Supp more satiating and beneficial for muscle building & recovery than a meal of yfood. Whole Supp also boasts a full amino acid profile with over 5g of BCAAs in every serving.


Both products contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals – you can gain 25% and 20% of your daily recommended micronutrient needs with yfood & Whole Supp respectively. Along with the micronutrients provided by these two health driven meal replacement powders, Whole Supp also provides the additional benefits of superfoods which include Montmorency tart cherries, broccoli, beetroot and spinach. These additional features give Whole Supp that extra health kick!


We are all becoming more conscious on our approach to sustainability. When looking at the effect each of these products has on the environment, both companies do a great job of ensuring our planet is protected. While yfood has 30-50% recycled plastic in it’s packaging, Whole Supp’s pouch is made from a whopping 90% of recycled materials, is free from all plastic and is home compostable too. On top of this, all inks used in the packaging for Whole Supp are non-toxic and made from vegetables.


Whole Supp is the star of the show in our eyes, but the true winner of this battle will be left up to you guys! Let us know what you think of this comparison and who you would like to see us compare Whole Supp to next



May 31, 2022• Posted by Darren O’Reilly

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