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Simplify your routine with complete nutrition

Boosted performance and faster recovery

Each meal: 13 Superfoods, 31g Protein

Only €2,10 per meal

  • No afternoon slumps
  • 30 seconds to make
  • Full for 4-6 hours
  • Tastes delicious

4.9 based on 160 reviews

Athlete and nutritionist approved

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Sam ​Warburton British and Irish Lions Captain

“Really like this. A regular for my morning smoothie. Water, ice cubes and blend it up and it tastes fantastic and reassuring knowing you’re getting so much goodness at the same time. Also, no negative GI side effects - brilliant!"

Jacob Peters Olympic Swimmer

"It's a great product to use for post training recovery, which provides me exactly what I need to perform at my best multiple times a week. It tastes amazing too!"

Mark Evans Performance Nutritionist and Research Scientist, Tottenham Hotspur

I've found Whole Supp to be more filling and palatable than other powder formulations, made even more impressive because it's a plant-based product. I haven't experienced any stomach upset or irritations that are common with other supplements, which combined with the nutrient profile means I will be recommending and using Whole Supp with my athletes.

Kate Jayden Tri Athlete and Whole Supp ambassador

“Incredible product that helps me get meals on the go or after a late night run. I love that the packaging is plastic free and home compostable. It also tastes great.”

Gavin Rackard Lead Performance Nutritionist at Connacht Rugby

As a performance nutritionist I am looking at solutions for my athletes in every context. Whole Supp provides support to our athletes during the heavy pre-season training load and is an excellent support to our travel nutrition plan.

Dean Clarny
Dean Clancy European Boxing Champion

“I’ve been using Whole Supp for the last few months to fuel my training! I love that it’s an all in one that taste great, not gritty like other shakes. It’s also great knowing that Whole Supp is Informed Sport approved. I’d would highly recommend.”

Fergus McFadden Ireland & Leinster Rugby Player

“The product has changed my daily nutrition for the better. Quick, easy & delicious with nutrients I simply don’t have enough time to get on a plate. Highly recommend it!”

Catherine Norton PhD Clinical & Performance Dietitian, Irish national Dietetics Institute

As a health care practitioner to find a tasty product that meets so many requirements is wonderful. Whole Supp could be used to support athletes' dietary demands or as a stopgap for adults' busy schedules.

Dan Leavy
Dan Leavy Ireland & Leinster Rugby Player

“I have been using Whole Supp for 8 months and love it. It tastes great and is packed with 13 superfoods and over 31g of protein. it keeps me energised through my busy mornings.”

Rory Keaveny Ironman Athlete

"Whole Supp took the strain out of managing nutrition against a busy training, travel and work schedule. It enabled me to worry far less about the fourth discipline of tri - nutrition. Whole Supp, to me, was the nutrition equivalent of Zwift to the cycle training!”

Dillon Corkery Professional Cyclist

“I can honestly say Whole Supp has helped me to go professional as a cyclist this year. The rapid recovery, post training is what I’m drawn to. Full of all the essential vitamins and proteins it’s won me over.”

Grainne Travers Specialist in Team Nutrition: Corporate, Sport, GAA

I started recommending Whole Supp to GAA players, especially for those who struggled to get a nutritionally complete diet or for those who needed to meet high-calorie requirements. I now also recommend it to older clients to help them meet higher protein requirements - it’s so versatile to use -whether in porridge, yogurts, smoothies, or pancakes. It is suitable for many diets from vegan to gluten and dairy free. Clients are generally very impressed with the taste and texture of the product. It is now a key part of my tool kit in my clinic.

Whole Supp Starter Pack is designed to help kickstart and support new fitness journeys for powerful and energised workouts.
If you’re good-intentioned but time-poor, these might just be the remedy you’ve been seeking.
Formulated to both keep you full and energised after your workout, as well as reduce oxidative stress (a form of cell damage) and boost recovery.
Dedicated to empowering healthy lifestyles, Whole Supp has worked hard to formulate a sustainably sources, nutritious product.
Not only is this nutritious protein powder packed with 13 superfoods, but it comes in three tasty flavours to choose from: vanilla, chocolate and sea salt caramel. Yum.
Whole Supp has created a high in plant-based protein, nutrient-dense shake that supports health and recovery through optimal nutritional values.
A plant-based meal formulated with superfoods, premium fats, proteins, fibre, antioxidants, electrolytes and prebiotics to tide you over.

Your nutritional foundation

Scientifically proven to be absorbable, 13 superfoods filled with antioxidants to keep you energised and recovering faster in a 30-second shake. 

    • No more skipping breakfast
    • No more afternoon slumps
    • Perfect post-workout pick me up

13 superfoods to supercharge your day

Each is carefully chosen in impactful amounts to boost energy, keep you full and be easy on your stomach so you can hit your nutrition goals on even the busiest of days.

Pea Protein

Supports Muscle Growth & Repair, Helps Weight Management

Whole Oats Flour

Complex Carbs Refuel Muscles, Improved Recovery Time, Supports Digestion 

Sunflower Seeds

Improved Recovery, Reduces Inflammation, Lower Cholesterol

Brown Rice Protein

Supports Muscle Growth & Repair, Helps Weight Management


Improves Recovery, Reduces Inflammation and Supports Digestion


Increases Muscle Strength, Improves Endurance and Reduces Inflammation

Organic Cherries

Reduced Muscle Soreness, Inflammation and Improved Sleep and Brain Function


Improved Recovery, Supports Digestion, Supports Heart Health


Improved Athlete Performance, Reduced Muscle Fatigue & Blood Pressure, Increased Energy


Increased Endurance, Weight Management, Improved Digestion


Increased Endurance, Weight Management, Improved Digestion

Red Sea Algae

Improve Endurance, Better Immune Function, Anti Inflammatory


Improve Endurance, Improved Mood, Better Heart Health

Vanilla Bean

Reduce Inflammation & Muscle Soreness, Reduced Anxiety

Why choose Whole Supp

We are the only all superfood shake that is easy on your stomach and tastes delicious, so you can have a healthy and energising meal on the go.

  • Superfoods
  • Great taste
  • Gut-friendly
  • Science backed
  • Planet-friendly
13 Essential Superfoods
Great taste
Customers love the taste
Science backed
Informed Sports Certified
Recycled plastic - 100% recyclable
6 Superfoods
Great taste
Negative taste & texture reviews
Gluten-free at extra charge
Science backed
Only Huel Professional
Not recyclable
Great taste
Negative taste reviews
Rarely gluten-free or with prebiotics
Science backed
Not Informed Sports Certified
Occasionally recyclable plastic
9 Superfoods
Great taste
Negative taste reviews
Science backed
Not Informed Sports Certified
3 Superfoods
Great taste
Negative taste reviews
Science backed
Not Informed Sports Certified
Not recyclable

Led by science from farm to formulation

Science doesn’t mess around. And neither do we. We work with leading experts in the fields of nutrition, science, medicine, and wellness so you can fuel good to feel great — daily.

    • Informed Sports Certified
    • Sustainably-sourced superfoods
    • 100% transparency

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Shaking things up in the kitchen

Shaking things up in the kitchen

Meet your new pantry staple. Discover delicious Whole Supp recipes for supercharged snacks that help you stay on top of your game.


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