Sustainability is our priority

We are limiting our impact on the environment, without compromising on the safety and quality of our products.

A solution to plastic waste pollution

We provide zero plastic packaging!

We are committed to becoming as planet-friendly as possibly, our pouches are home compostable and our delivery box is 100% recyclable. This is a big step towards reducing waste in our product life cycle.

Dr. Brian Carson talks about the traceability of ingredients from farm to formulation.

Dr. Brian Carson

PhD Head of Science & Innovation

Our 4 pillars to sustainability

We’re working on other solutions to further improve our sustainability.... Stay tuned

Compostable Pouch

We have TUV Compost certification for home composting

Kerbside recyclable box

We use non-toxic inks and all of our paper is sourced from managed forests

Zero food waste

We have designed our products to reduce any food waste

Our ingredients

Our ingredients are responsibly sourced locally and from around the world

We are built on transparency and integrity

We are consistently developing products and services whilst ensuring sustainability and remaining ethically responsible

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