Whole Supp Shaker

Introducing the Whole Supp Shaker - the perfect blend of convenience and performance. With its 700ml capacity and innovative Circle Technology, enjoy effortless mixing and smooth beverages.

Crafted from certified, toxin-free materials, it guarantees peace of mind. Compact, stylish, and leak-proof, the Whole Supp Shaker is your go-to companion for fitness on the go.

Limited time offer: get a free shaker with our starter pack.

1 shaker
1 shaker
Starter Pack

Want a free shaker?

You get a free Whole Supp Shaker when ordering the Starter Pack as a new customer.

You get a free 700ml shaker + shipping with either a bag of Chocolate or Vanilla Whole Supp (15 portions).

This makes it easy to take and make your Whole Supp wherever you are, from the office to the gym.

The leak-proof design will ensure it never leaks in your bag, and the rounded bottom makes it easy to create your shakes lump-free.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked by our customers.

How does ensure smooth mixing without a mixer ball or strainer?

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Is the Whole Supp Shaker sustainable and eco-friendly?