Our bodies are better when we move - Meet MoveWell

07.08.2022 1 minute read

Two great people, lifelong friends and Chartered Physiotherapists Will Howard and Henry Abrahams were inspired to create MoveWell by a love of human movement and the appreciation that very few fitness, rehab and wellbeing products are sourced and manufactured to a high environmental specification. MoveWell is therefore underpinned by a deep desire to produce high-quality, robust and sustainable products. 

MoveWell provides a range of portable, environmentally conscious products for injury rehabilitation, fitness training and wellbeing.  

Our bodies are better when we move.

Whether you're setting new goals or recovering from injury, build and maintain your strength and movement capacity with our range of products.

Our world's better when we do things naturally.

MoveWell products are designed to encourage your natural movement capacity, and they are sourced, produced and transported with nature in mind.

Our lives are bigger when we are mobile.

Don’t limit yourself to the gym or your home; take our portable products out into the world and discover your new favourite movement space – anywhere.

MoveWell initial #Movement Collection includes products to help your body move. These products are intended as an integrated package, but can also be sold individually. They facilitate movement preparation and post-exercise recovery, enhancing your movement capacity by desensitising soft tissue and increasing mobility, activating and strengthening muscle groups, facilitating loading progressions and promoting active recovery.
MoveWell have kindly shared a savings code (WHOLESUPP15) for the Whole Supp community that can be redeemed at