Start your day strong with Whole Supp meal shakes

Get the athlete-approved high-protein meal shake:

Crafted solely with 13 superfoods to boost your energy

Tastes as good as a milkshake, but healthy & no sugar crashes

Get a starter pack in the limited edition flavour Caramel Sea Salt at 35% off

World Rugby wants our elite match officials to have the best nutrition support. Whole Supp provides these high protein superfood shakes using the best natural ingredients.

THIS athlete-approved superfood meal shake is a hit with shoppers: 'Gives me the energy I need'.

Whole Supp has created a high in plant-based protein, nutrient-dense shake that supports health and recovery through optimal nutritional values.

Whole Supp

13 superfoods

Customers love the taste

Easy on the stomach

Informed Sports Certified

Plastic-free & home compostable

Other Meal Shakes

Almost never any superfoods

Negative taste reviews

Rarely gluten-free

Not Informed Sports Certified

Occasionally recyclable plastic

Limited Edition

Caramel Sea Salt Starter Pack

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4.9/5.0 Star Reviews

13 superfoods brought together into one delicious meal shake to help top performers recover faster and have more energy.